New IPAK Automatic Tray Formers Increase Packaging Capabilities

Tray formers bring faster changeovers, increased efficiencies

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Wexxar Bel’s new IPAK automatic tray former Image courtesy of Wexxar Bel Packaging Inc.

Wexxar Bel’s new line of IPAK automatic tray formers is taking a successful platform and making it stronger through several design upgrades that allow users greater accessibility for faster, easier, and safer changeovers than ever before.

“The big story here with our new IPAK tray formers is that we made it much easier to do adjustments in the machine that allow the operator to safely get it back up and running quicker, which really increases the overall efficiency of their entire packing line,” said Mike “Parky” Parkinson, IPAK product manager, Wexxar Bel.

Updates to the new IPAK tray former also include redesigning the guard doors and other guarding components to provide better access into the machine for faster adjustments and changeovers. Additionally, the number of adjustments needed for changeovers has also been reduced, making it easier for employees with varying skill levels to operate, while reducing the amount of training needed and, ultimately, take greater ownership of the machine on a daily basis. Simplifying the design and improving machine access also aids maintenance crews by troubleshooting and servicing the machine more efficiently, minimizing downtime.

The filter regulator and coalescing (FRC) on the redesigned IPAK tray former has also been relocated outside the machine, enhancing ease of accessibility when pneumatic adjustments are required. The relocation has also made pneumatic connections more direct and efficient, reducing the chance of air leakage and making for a more energy-efficient operation with an overall lower cost of ownership.

Other changes include reinforcing materials on the overall machine, and in particular, reinforced guarding and door hinges increase overall operator safety and product life.

“With these design improvements all centered around simplifying operation, IPAK really allows employees to take ownership of the machine,” Parkinson said. “Our goal is to build an even safer, more reliable tray former that expediates the changeover process, and we’ve done that with our new tray former.”

The new IPAK Automatic Tray Formers can create a variety of tray type packages, including: 4-corner, 6-corner, rollover, self-lock, triangular corner, and more.

Wexxar Bel Packaging Inc., Richmond, BC, Canada , 888-565-3219

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