Multivac Introduces 3 New Tray Sealers

Packaging with large trays at high output

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December 15, 2021

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Multivac is adding three new tray sealer models to its TX8 series with a new format width, offering customers even more packaging flexibility.

Thanks to their wide format, the TX 815, TX 825, and TX 835 tray sealers are particularly suited to packing products in large trays in a two-track packaging process, and they are characterized primarily by their high output. As with all models of the TX generation, it is of course possible to use Pack Pilot and other Multivac Smart Services on these models.

The new machines enable trays with a maximum width of 270 mm to be run in a two-track format, or alternatively with a width of up to 560 mm in a one-track format. This means that they are specially designed for packing a wide range of food products or ready meals in family packs and catering trays. Thanks to the wide format of the machines, it is now also possible to achieve a high output of large trays with "wide side leading."

High Performance and Process Stability

It is particularly with skin packs, that the new high-output tray sealers show their merits: Since the cycle output with skin applications is generally lower than other pack types, this two-track machine version with its tandem gripper enables high outputs to be achieved. The tandem gripper guides the trays gently and rapidly through the packaging process, ensuring that the product is transported very securely.

If skin packs are being produced, outputs of up to 100 packs per minute can be achieved, depending on the tray size and product protrusion - and all this with excellent pack quality.

Future-Proof Thanks to Innovative Features

As with all tray sealers of the TX generation, the new machine models are equipped for the future. The innovative machine control with Multi Sensor Control and Flow Manager makes a major contribution to the machines' high output, consistent reliability, and optimum pack quality with an even product flow.

The die concept, the so-called X-tools, is a further guarantee of a consistently high pack quality. It evenly distributes the sealing forces on every tray, ensuring a uniform and reliable packaging result is always achieved. The RFID-coded dies are of particular benefit in terms of operating security to those companies, which run many different tray formats and therefore have frequent die changes.

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