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CyPlus to Install Solid-to-Liquid System for Packaging and Handling at Syngenta in UK

September 25, 2008

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CyPlus to Install Solid-to-Liquid System for Packaging and Handling at Syngenta in UK

Syngenta Ltd. of Huddersfield, UK, has purchased the Solid-to-Liquid System (SLS) packaging and handling system for producing its active substances used in crop protection products. “Working closely with the employees of our customer Syngenta, we first defined the quality requirements for sodium cyanide and its packaging and handling. This had to be done so that the CyPlus system could be started on site and right on time,” explained Markus Jafeld, project manager at CyPlus.

As part of the SLS, sodium cyanide or potassium cyanide is transported to the customer as a solid in special containers of varying sizes, which can hold between 500 kg and 20 metric tons, depending on the customer’s needs. An additional dissolution station is set up at the customer’s site. It is custom-tailored to specific needs and can be programmed for the desired cyanide concentration level. The system then adds water to the contained solid cyanide salt to yield the desired cyanide solution and the customer can immediately use this solution in production processes. The SLS meets ever stricter safety requirements for transporting hazardous materials and handling cyanides at industrial sites.

“The dissolution station works and meets our needs completely,” said Jeremy Cuss, a senior scientist who is responsible for managing the project at Syngenta. “It was especially important to us to generate, with the help of the SLS, a 30% cyanide solution that wouldn’t leave any residue in the containers. We’re pleased that the system has made it even safer and easier than before for our employees to handle cyanide in our processes.”

The system meets the high-quality demands of manufacturers of active substances whose products are supplied to companies producing pharmaceuticals and crop protection products.

CyPlus sees it as essential that cyanides be handled safely and responsibly throughout the product lifecycle. The company anticipates a rise in demand for custom-tailored transportation and handling systems, especially since the delivery quantities in SLS containers are variable and can be flexibly adapted to the batch sizes of users.

For more information, visit www.cyplus.com.

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