Columbia/Okura Unveils collaborative palletizer

New palletizing solution features a 20-kg lifting capacity.

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Columbia/Okura Unveils a collaborative palletizer. Image courtesy of Columbia/Okura LLC

Columbia/Okura introduces the miniPAL+, a collaborative solution utilizing Universal Robot’s UR20 cobot arm, providing a 44-lb lifting capacity.

This new palletizing solution enables handling heavy payloads at higher rates than previous collaborative systems, and with flexible tooling, allows for multi-pick options. The design features a 10x11 ft footprint, and an intuitive pattern building software by Rocketfarm for ease of use.

This new solution features the new UR20 cobot arm, providing a load height of 80 in.

Cobots are designed to interact directly with human operators, keeping users safe through limited force and speeds. The miniPAL+ safety features include area scanners and radar, both of which monitor the palletizing cell and slow the robot to “collaborative speeds” should a person enter. Additionally, it includes guarding to create a physical barrier while also optimizing the footprint of 10x11 ft. The dual pallet building locations allow for reduced downtime when one pallet load is completed and needs to be removed from the cell. The system uses 110V AC power which is achieved through a standard power outlet. The system is very quick to integrate. It can be set-up and running within a day of deployment.

Columbia/Okura LLC, Vancouver, WA 360-735-1952

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