Cermount Expands Powder Filling Capabilities

Recent facility upgrades include new climate-controlled rooms, powder filling and bulk unloader stations, and additional lines for powder filling and bottling.

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Cermount powder filling
Cermount prides itself on its mission "manufacturing with a mission." Here, Cermount employees display plastic canisters filled with dietary supplement powder at each step in the packaging process.Image courtesy of Cermount

Cermount has upgraded its powder filling lines to include additional capacity, higher speeds, and new packaging styles including bags, jars, canisters, bottles, sachets, stick packs, and pouches. 

"Cermount continues to increase both efficiencies and capabilities in dietary supplement manufacturing," said Cermount CEO Jamie Brandenburg. "While we started over 20 years ago as a high-quality food manufacturer, dietary supplements and functional foods have definitely become a core competency for us, and we continue to invest in this space." 

Recent facility upgrades include new climate-controlled rooms, powder filling and bulk unloader stations, and additional dedicated lines for both powder filling and bottling. Just last year, Cermount invested in high-speed encapsulation for capsule filling. 

"With the new powder filling capabilities in dietary supplements and functional foods, and the upgrades in supplement encapsulation, we are producing high quality products at impressive speeds," added Brandenburg. "All while continuing to enhance and service our mission."

The mission starts with Cermount’s parent company, Transylvania Vocational Services (TVS). It has provided competitive employment to adults with disabilities for over 50 years. TVS is a dry food manufacturing facility fulfilling contracts for the federal government. By "manufacturing with a mission," Cermount works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment.

Cermount follows cGMP protocols ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety compliance, with SQF, Organic, Kosher, Gluten Free, and other certifications.

The continued evolution in supplement blending, encapsulating, and packaging has allowed Cermount to improve efficiencies and expand powder filling into multiple size canisters with capabilities for both induction sealing and neck band capabilities. Current packaging capabilities in encapsulation and bottling include multiple capsule sizes, a variety of bottle sizes, and multiple capsule fill counts.

"Employees have a sense of pride and ownership on this new production line," said Brian Wilson, operations manager of Dietary Supplements. "They are proud of the investments being made to continue growing and improving our capabilities."

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