Cannabis/Hemp FIBC Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology

Cannabis/hemp FIBC modified atmosphere packaging technology extends shelf-life, preserves product quality

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

December 8, 2020

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Upon harvest, the bioactive components of cannabis and hemp begin to degrade. To preserve product quality, particularly the CBD and THC levels, it is critical to keep product free from oxygen, humidity, light, and maintain a stable temperature. This is a major challenge for industrial processors. The challenge is how to preserve the cannabis/hemp after harvest, in large volumes, over an extended period of time, without major investments and loss of the cannabinoids and other critical high value compounds?

The Somsix modified atmosphere packaging system offers a simple, fast, and reliable way for intermediate bulk storage of cannabis/hemp materials. Once the product has been processed to its optimum moisture content, and is ready for long-term storage packaging, it can be packed under low oxygen of <1% and optionally gas flushed with N2 or CO2. The modified atmosphere packaging’s extreme gas, light, and moisture barrier protective properties of this style packaging ensures that the aging process of the product is minimized, while preserving CBD and THC levels. Benefits include:

* prevents oxidization
* preserves color and aroma
* extends the shelf life
* avoid the development of mold, fungus, and bacteria
* eradicates weight loss during storage/logistics

Optimum Conservation Conditions

To achieve this, the Somsix system uses a patented, high-speed two-way valve that is sealed inside the vacuum-proof, high-barrier liner. The special vacuum-gassing unit allows you to quickly evacuate residual air in the packaging (to a desired vacuum level) and subsequently inject nitrogen or CO2, to create a low-oxygen, inert and/or vacuum condition.

Relative Humidity

The high barrier properties of the film that is used for the liner, in combination with the hermetic closure, allows you to maintain the optimum moisture content of your product during the complete supply chain, from the moment of packaging. It minimizes external influences on your product due to high humidity, condensation, or direct water contact.

Preservation of Taste And Aromas

The volatile compounds that determine the distinct aroma of the cannabis, can best be preserved in this hermetically sealed packaging technology.

UV Exposure

Exposing cannabis to UV after it has been harvested, will degrade THC.

The high barrier liner and/or outer packaging can prevent the influences of the UV.

Nitrogen and CO2 Flushing

Oxygen is the major cause of degradation of the bioactive components, in particular cannabinoids. Under vacuum and/or by flushing the packaging with nitrogen or CO2, the available oxygen is reduced. The high barrier properties inhibit fresh oxygen from outside to permeate in.


High temperatures can create an increase of molds, to control this the product should be stored at temperatures below 60-70°F.

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