Bulk Bagging System Helps Building Materials Supplier Meet Aggregate Demand

Bulk bagger system is capable of filling three bulk bags per minute

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

February 15, 2022

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RMGroup BB-400 bulk bagging systemImage courtesy of RMGroup

Leading robotics and automation company, RMGroup, has supplied one of its BB-400 bulk bagging systems to building materials supplier, Tippers.

As an existing customer, the new equipment supplements Tippers’ existing BB-400 bulk bagging and form, fill, and seal vertical packaging system, and was needed as a result of an increased demand for virgin and decorative aggregates across Tippers’ branches throughout the Midlands region.

The BB-400 is the fastest bulk bagger from RMGroup. The system is capable of filling three bulk bags per minute, and able to refill to weighment in 17 seconds. A large 20-tn, heavy-duty hopper feeds onto a large in-feed belt conveyor, which then feeds the BB-400. The FIBC filling machine itself is controlled by an integrated weighing system that fills the hopper to a pre-set weighment, making bulk automation precise at high-speed and volume. The system is guaranteed to withstand 20 years of service even with the most abrasive raw materials.

“The installation process was flawless from delivery to installation and the engineers were very knowledgeable and helpful,” said Bill Tipper. “The BB-400 bulk bagger fully meets our expectations and performance requirements. With our expert aggregates yard staff, we are able to produce bulk bags inline with set daily quotas. This allows us to increase our output, meaning we can meet and service customer demand, as well as introduce new bulk bagged aggregate products to the group.

“Tippers have a very strong working relationship with RMGroup. The team is just one phone call away and are always helpful with any issues we may have. Where an issue can’t be resolved on a call, RMGroup has a very fast call out response to ensure our machines are up and running quickly. As our business continues to grow and the need for increased production arises, RMGroup would be the first choice for additional equipment.”

Ed Pugh, RMGroup’s sales director, added, “The ongoing popularity of the BB-400 amongst aggregate suppliers shows that its robust construction means it is well suited to handle the large loading shovels that operate in the quarries and bagging plants. We are delighted that Tippers value our relationship and we look forward to providing them with our bagging expertise again in the future.”

RMGroup is a leading manufacturer of a range of manual and automated packaging systems, including ABB palletizing and flexpicker systems, mobile packaging lines, bulk filling and material handling systems, as well as supplying high-speed form, fill, and seal packaging lines and AGVs.

For more information, visit www.rmgroupuk.com

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