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Bulk Bag Loader Offers 100% Sealed Loading

January 16, 2020

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Bulk Bag Loader Offers 100% Sealed Loading
BFM bulk bag loader

Filling bulk bags without leakage is a challenge for any production line, so having an easy-to-use, fast-to-change, leak-proof filling head is essential for efficient operations.

The BFM bulk bag loader is a three-layered, inflatable filling head that snaps easily into a BFM spigot welded onto an outlet chute. It is 100% sealed (no dust leakage), strong and durable, quick to fit and remove bags, and safe to use (no pinch points).

It features a stainless steel central core, fully encased in BFM’s strong, flexible Seeflex urethane. 

The bulk bag loader comes complete with an external air fitting that is simply plugged into a standard 8mm pneumatic air-line to inflate the strong, flexible outer layer.

The seal of the BFM fitting system means that the neck of the bulk bag will be securely held open and there will be no leaks during loading. Once loading is complete, the outer sleeve can be instantly deflated for easy bag removal.

ARL Products LLC, Houston, TX 281-203–8577 www.flexiblefittings.com

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