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November 6, 2007

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Bags, Bagging, & Packaging

pbs0711p7a.jpgAutomatic Swinger Bag Hangers
Swinger bag hangers hang flat-tube or gusseted open-mouth poly and paper bags and are suited for handling poly woven bags at speeds up to 20 bags/min. Features like the PLC integrated bagger/scale controls let you operate both from one touch screen station. The field-proven precharge spout design is ideal for bagging free-flowing products like seed, grain, and animal food. The economical swingers integrate easily with the company’s scales, conveyors, and closers for a complete turnkey bag packaging system.
Thiele Technologies, Minneapolis, MN 800-832-3647

pbs0711p7b.jpgHeight-Restricted Bulk Bag Discharger
This bulk bag discharger can discharge powder material in problematic height-restricted areas where the raised forklift frame is extremely high. The Spiroflow Type 5 bulk bag discharger utilizes a special removable-frame design that reduces the necessary height for forklift tines. Where normal dischargers often require the forklift tines to use the bag loop frame and position the frame over the tensioning bars at the top of the discharger, the Type 5 low-loading discharger allows the operator to load the bag and frame at the lower half of the discharger. The forklift tines do not rise above the frame and thus can be used anywhere the discharger can fit without having several feet of overhead clearance.
Spiroflow Systems, Charlotte, NC 704-291-9595

pbs0711p7c.jpgBulk Bag Fillers
These bulk bag fillers combine flexibility and economy with numerous customizing options. Custom features include bag inflation, electronic scales, adjustable-height loop support arms, integral dust collection, and bag compaction. Standard units feature a heavy-duty carbon steel rugged box frame, round 10-in.
ANSI material flanged inlet, inflatable bag spout seal, fill spout with displaced-air venting, and forklift access for palletized bulk bags. Units are also available in 304 or 316 stainless steel and NEMA 7/9 controls per customer specifications.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241

pbs0711p14b.jpgRobotic Palletizing Cell
The AR-200 robotic palletizing cell can handle four different products simultaneously, with grippers specifically designed for bags, bundles, bales, or boxes. Reaching a production rate up to 25 units/min, it uses the latest addition to the Fanuc robot family in the high-payload four-axis category. The cell distributes empty pallets, places empty valve bags, and stacks full valve bags using minimum floor space. It can also handle all types of open-mouth bags and polyethylene bags made from U-film, palletize fill tote boxes, and place bags in a box. The unit can even work with two different types of containers simultaneously.
Premier Tech Systems, Riviere-du-Loup, QC, Canada 418-868-8324

pbs0711p14c.jpgAutomated Bag-Opening Equipment
A complete line of automated bag-opening and product-reclaim equipment is manufactured to achieve production rates up to 20 bags/min. Complete systems are custom designed from bag feeding to product conveying. Product-reclaim systems are also manufactured for bag or package rework operations. Stainless- or mild-steel options are available. Bag break and dump stations with dust collection are also available, and screw and belt conveyors can be added to provide complete systems.
Product Saver, Oswego, IL 630-554-7804

pbs0711p15a.jpgBulk Bag Unloader with Bag Extension
The Model MTU-2500 bulk bag unloader with bag extension is designed for optimum discharge of problematic caked or packed bulk solid materials. Its upper bag-transport support frame is mounted on four permanently gas-filled cylinders. As the load in the bulk bag diminishes, the frame raises the bag, elongating the bag’s nose. Remaining material is efficiently and effectively discharged. Standard equipment includes safety and dust-control features, a bag transporter, a bag untie via a dust-control access door, a 3-in.-diam dust take-off port, a prepunched unistrut frame, bag-agitation air cylinders for controlled unloading, a manually operated valve, and a filter/regulator control.
Metso BEST Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

pbs0711p15b.jpgAir-Pressure Valve Packer
The Model A1000 electronic air-pressure packer utilizes a load cell and a user-friendly Model AD-5000 digital weigh indicator/controller for bagging fine, medium, and coarse dry materials. This model offers production rates of 4 to 8 bags/min with weight accuracy of ±4–5 oz (2 sigma), at proper fluidization and uniform control of head pressure. It features heavy-duty construction with simple operation, has a full bottom-chamber cover for easy clean out, dual filling speeds (bulk and dribble), and a dust-collection connection. The unit provides accurate weighing to eliminate give-away, and reliability to decrease maintenance costs and increase production.
VIC Systems International Inc., Shawnee Mission, KS 800-255-0445

pbs0711p18b.jpgAutomatic Bagging Machine
The 3CM-PDS high-speed automatic bagging machine bags up to 2000 bags/hr with bags weighing from 20 to 110 lb. It features two spouts for simultaneous filling, along with an automatic bag feeder. An optional servomotor lateral bag-transfer drive increases capacity and reduces air consumption. The unit handles a wide variety of bag materials including paper, woven cloth, and polyethylene, and a variety of closure styles such as plain sewn, sewn over tape, or heat sealed. It is also available with a fully automatic tag placer at full rate. This machine is also available in a single-spout servo unit rated at 1200 bags/hr.
American-Newlong Inc., Indianapolis, IN 317-787-9421

pbs0711p18c.jpgBulk Bag Unloaders
The hoist-and-trolley model makes it possible for a single operator to safely, quickly, and easily lift, support, and move a bag into the hopper without a forklift. The hopper discharger’s design allows the operator to effectively secure and seal the spout of a tied bag. Five abrasion-resistant air-actuated agitator pads knead the bag at sequenced intervals to promote a free-flowing stream of material into your process. A confinement box prevents product leakage and dust from escaping into the environment. Units can accommodate a wide variety of bag sizes/styles and support loads of 4000 lb. Options are available to suit specific applications.
Nol-Tec Systems Inc., Lino Lakes, MN 651-780-8600

pbs0711p24b.jpgFIBC Filling System
The Material Master Powerfill system offers patented technology and features a horizontal pivoting and rotating bag fill carriage. The bag support carriage lowers to a programmed operator height, extends towards the operator, and rotates for “reach-free” bag strap and bag spout connection. The bulk bag is then automatically inflated, filled, and densified with the push of a button. Once the fill cycle is complete, the bag inlet spout and straps automatically release, the fill head raises, and the filled bag is removed. Systems are custom designed per application requirements and can include powered pallet conveyors, pallet dispensers, or slip-sheet dispensers.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

pbs0711p24c.jpgBulk Bag Unloaders
BulkBuster bulk bag unloaders empty large bulk bags and get material where it is needed. Every material has different handling characteristics. Some materials gravity-feed easily, but most do not. This is why an unloader engineered for a specific material is important to ensure that the process will run smoothly to maximize uptime. Many styles and proven designs are available.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900

pbs0711p28b.jpgValve Bag Fillers
Model 1070 Impeller valve bag fillers are available in one-, two-, three-, and four-spout configurations. Their rugged designs are ideal for the severe atmospheres typically found in facilities packaging cement, limestone, gypsum, stucco, fly ash, and similar products. Filling rates per spout of 5 to 9 bags/min and accuracies of ±6 oz are achieved, depending upon product characteristics. Standard features include scale beam weighing, air-operated bag clamps, dust hood and manifold, and NEMA 12 electrical controls. Available options include load cell weighing, bag-in-place switch with automatic fill start, and automatic bag discharge.
Chantland-MHS, Humboldt, IA 515-332-4045

pbs0711p28c.jpgCase Erector
The redesigned Superformer-series stainless-steel in-line case erector and bottom taper are supplied standard with a low-level, easy-load, powered case magazine with low- and no-case alarms; an electronic case-squaring system; and taping heads with low- and no-tape alarms. A three-dimensional size change can be accomplished by operators in about one minute, making the machine suitable for short production runs. Other features include a welded stainless-steel frame, full guarding, and a NEMA 4X electrical enclosure with Allen Bradley controls and self-diagnostics. Three machine sizes are available, suitable for closed outside case dimensions from 6 × 6 × 3 in. to 31 × 20 × 24 in. and speeds ranging from 10–25 cases/min.
OK International Group, Marlborough, MA 508-303-8286

pbs0711p29a.jpgSuper Sack Unloader
A dual-sack unloading system maintains a continuous flow of material and a constant level in the filler bowl, even during Super Sack changeout. Its design features integral vibratory feeders and a common, low-profile scalping sifter. All product-contact components are sanitary, easy to clean, and removable. The system pictured is used to deliver preblended ingredients from Super Sack bags to a pouch-filling machine. Vibratory tubes do not have shaft seals or bearings to maintain, and all interior surfaces are crevice-free. Sifter product-contact parts are lightweight and can be disassembled in three minutes or less.
Nu-Con Equipment, Chanhassen, MN 877-939-0510

pbs0711p31a.jpgMobile Bulk Bag Unloader
This mobile bulk-bag unloader can be used in situations where multiple stations have a need for infrequent charging. The basic forklift loading–style frame is combined with a mobile base and a bag agitation system. A Helix flexible-screw conveyor elevates the material from the hopper and completes the efficient transfer of materials.
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260

pbs0711p31b.jpgBulk Bag Unloader
This bulk bag unloader combines robust construction with aggressive bag-unloading technique. The modular frame is constructed of 4-in. square tubing. Every joint is continuously welded for strength and sealing. A heavy-duty subframe supports the bag pan and is mounted to tandem vibration isolators. Optional ForceFlo bag massagers mount to the top of the subframe, which is driven by an electromechanical vibrator that provides both vibration and mechanical massaging of the bag for effective discharging of difficult powders. Unloaders are available in food grade, dairy grade, and general industrial duty.
HAF Equipment Inc., Centerville, MN 651-653-5098

pbs0711p35a.jpgBulk-Bag-to-Bin Weigh-Batching System
This dust-free bulk-bag weigh-batching system features a manual Spout-Lock clamp ring atop a pneumatically actuated Tele-Tube telescoping tube that creates a high-integrity, sealed connection between the clean side of the bag spout and the clean side of the hopper, and automatically elongates the bag as it empties to promote evacuation. Partially empty bags can be retied dust-free with a Power-Cincher pneumatically actuated flow control valve. A low-profile delumping device breaks-up agglomerates and discharges into a gravimetric feeder connected via a PLC to a floor scale, allowing accurate batch weights to be loaded into rigid totes.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426

pbs0711p35b.jpgBulk Bag Loaders and Unloaders
This company manufactures safe, efficient, dust-free bag loading and unloading stations for small to large capacities. Three unloader models are available: the Model BDS bag-dump station with air-vibrator-shaker grate, the Model MTU with 2500- to 4000-lb capacity, and the heavy-duty Model BBU unloader with vibratory-motor agitation. The simple-to-operate Model BBL loader fills bulk bags, bulk boxes, and fiber drums. Standard features include pneumatic-actuated, pillow-block-mounted, pivoting bag-support arms; a natural-gum-rubber inflatable fill head; a control panel; and a dust-collection outlet port with cartridge. Loader and unloader options are available.
Metso BEST Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

pbs0711p36b.jpgFoil Liner
The Guardian foil liner is specifically designed for packaging moisture- and oxygen-sensitive materials in IBC- and FIBC-sized containers. Well suited for certain food products and hygroscopic resins, the liners are manufactured from several types of foil laminates and can be customized to meet specific needs.
Grayling Industries Inc., Alpharetta, GA 800-635-1551

pbs0711p36d.jpgAutomatic Packing Refill
For optimum performance, powder packing machines normally require controlled and reliable refill. An IBC system provides an ideal approach for this process requirement. Using either a level or weight signal from the packing machine, the IBC system guarantees a consistent head of freshly discharged material, often eliminating the need for secondary devices (rotary valves, screw conveyors, etc).
Matcon USA, Sewell, NJ 856-256-1330

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