Automated System Provides Efficient, Dust-Free Filling of Bulk Bags, Gaylords

The system provides safe, efficient, and dust-free filling of both gaylords and bulk bags.

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Material Transfer’s patented design provides smooth, reliable, high-output filling.Image courtesy of Material Transfer & Storage

In January 2020, Material Transfer & Storage (MTS) was approached by a leading food processing company for help with a gaylord-filling application for wheat flour. The company was looking for a high-quality solution that could achieve a throughput of 10,000 lb/hr through a single diverter valve, with a maximum gaylord-filling cycle time of 205 seconds per gaylord.

With more than 30 years experience building custom equipment for dry powders and bulk solids, MTS developed an   Material Transfer’s patented design provides smooth, reliable high-output filling.

Custom-Designed Solution

The unit, custom designed and built by MTS, is a stationary design for indoor use. The equipment incorporates a structural carbon steel main frame with 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces. The column frame design features a cantilevered fill head and Power-Lift hydraulic fill head height adjustment system for maximum filling efficiency and reduced operator fatigue. The fill carriage lowers to a programmed operator height, where an operator will position a pallet and gaylord, gather the gaylord liner, position it over the spout seal system to inflate the fill spout seal, and start the auto fill sequence. The electric bag inflation system expands liner for maximum fill volume and enhanced bag stability.


The gaylord liner is expanded via an electric bag inflation system to eliminate creases and void spaces in the liner to achieve maximum product fill volume.

With the liner inflated, the fill carriage automatically positions itself for gaylord box filling and sends a signal to open the customer’s existing fill valve. As product begins to fill into the gaylord box, the gain-in-weight scale system monitors the gaylord weight for accurate filling. Upon reaching a pre-determined weight set point, a signal is sent to shift the existing fill valve to an intermediate dribble position. When the programmed fill set-point is reached, the existing fill valve will close to halt material flow. After the fill cycle has completed, the inflatable spout seal will deflate, the fill head will raise, and the filled gaylord box will be manually removed via forklift.

The system is controlled by an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with a 10-in. color HMI display that is remote mounted in a custom enclosure pedestal for the filling system. MTS’ proprietary automation software allows quick access to recipes and fill set point control of an optional fill valve. The PanelView system features operator prompting, weight display during fill cycle, as well as manual/maintenance mode controls and Ethernet communication protocol for reduced labor cost, improved safety and efficiency, and consistent filling results.

The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and 10-in. color HMI display provides rapid access to system status, recipes, and operational parameters.


The system provides safe, efficient, and dust-free filling of both gaylords and bulk bags, while allowing flexibility for future process changes. Units are custom designed to application requirements and can include powered in-feed and out-feed conveyors, check scales, pallet dispensers, or slip sheet dispensers.

Headquartered in Allegan, MI, Material Transfer & Storage custom designs and manufactures bulk bags, container and drum filling, conditioning, and discharging systems for dry powders and bulk solids. MTS designs, builds, and tests each system to the customer’s unique specifications to ensure efficient start-up, easy operation, and user satisfaction. For more information, call 269-673-2125 or visit

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