Powder Mixing Seminar and Workshop

February 3, 2016

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Powder Mixing Seminar and Workshop

Mixing Day 2016, a seminar on powders and powder mixtures, will take place April 5 in The Netherlands.

Interest has increases in recent years in the developments in and information on powder science and technology. The industry is aware of the challenges arising working with powders. But solutions aren’t always as apparent.
History and Context  
An American publication from 1930 describes about 2000 recipes for mixtures of solid and liquid substances. Over the years, scaling occurred, over time more and more types of mixtures were produced and the quality requirements became much strict. Starting from the 1950s, mixing became a field of study as well as industry, where segregation became an error source to constantly be aware of and deal with.

It is important to understand the basics in regard to the requirements needed for an ideal mixer for your specific applications. The basic requirements for an ideal mixer could, for example, be the ability to produce a complete mixture and maintain the quality of the product within a specific time period.

Handling, usage, and hygienic aspects play an important role in terms of easy emptying and cleaning of the mixer. Another important aspect to take into account is user friendliness: ease of use, level of maintenance, and energy consumption.

This one-day seminar and workshop focuses on mixing powders with attention to segregation. The day is specifically intended for operators, plant managers, technicians, and researchers working with powders in the pharmaceutical, feed and food, and chemical industries.

About the Seminar and Workshop
The first half of the day will be a seminar offering a platform for speakers from various fields of industry to share their knowledge and know how, including those from manufacturers and suppliers of mixing equipment, as well as scientists working in the pharmaceutical and food industry. These include Hosokawa and Lindor, well-known suppliers of different type of mixers. Speakers from Abbott Healthcare, DSM/ Technical University Delft, Aspen Oss, and Delft Solids Solutions will also contribute.

The interesting and interactive program is designed for anyone who is working or studying the mixing of powders and powder blends, as well as those who work in the field of powder technology. The second part of the day will offer a highly interactive workshop in which teams work a practical case that is applicable to everyday situations within the field, offering insight and hands-on learning.  
Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 9:30 am
Van der Valk Hotel Den Haag – Nootdorp, Gildeweg 1 2632BD Nootdorp

€395 ex VAT per person

If you intend to come with a larger group, call +31 174 271 460 and your registration will be processed by phone with a group discount.
For more information and registration, visit www.solidssolutions.nl

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