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Micro V-Shape MixersMicro V-Shape Mixers

May 29, 2019

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Micro V-Shape Mixers
AAAMachine V-shape mixer

You need to effectively mix small batches of powder, but the capacity of a standard giant industrial mixer is not the right size at all; it is overwhelming and not conducive for effective mixing. A standard mixer's blades are also too rough on the powder and are difficult and cumbersome to clean. Their opaque vessel provides no clue about how the blending is going and there is nothing to observe. Perhaps you have even tried a small mixer or blender, but the mixing is sloppy and produces heterogeneous mixtures. Your diverse powders are not blended well and are clumped together.

This Tsutsui small-capacity V mixer is ideal for blending small amounts of diverse powders into homogeneous, uniform mixtures. The V shape constantly separates and reintegrates powder for gentle, effective, and quick blending. The mixer's canister is hard glass and is easy to see through and easy to clean. No blades mean gentle treatment of the powder and a super easy clean up.

AAAmachine Inc., Des Plaines, IL 847-481-8264 www.aaamachine.com

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