Gentle Touch Mixers for Metallurgical Industry

June 18, 2015

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Gentle Touch Mixers for Metallurgical Industry
Lindor gentle touch mixer

The Küttner Group builds turnkey plants for the metal producing and metal treating industry. Processing, melting, and conveying units are typically part of its scope of supply. For mixing alloy pellets required in a downstream reactor, Küttner was looking for a suitable mixer which would treat the products especially gently. After scale up tests at Lindor, the gentle touch mixer proved to be the perfect solution for this requirement. The mixer designed and built for Küttner allows mixing of various products with powders and micro-granules.

The Process
At a completely new plant in China, alloys are produced that are used as aggregates for further high-value alloys. The product is applied for components in the aircraft and space industry and also for other high-tech applications. Various materials are dosed in sequence according to their specific weight in the mixer, are mixed and fed into a reactor. For the entire reactor process the reactive surface of the main component should not be too large. This is why the main components of the mix appear in the form of pellets. Micro–granules and powders are also used. It is essential that the pellets are not damaged during the dosing and the mixing process. Therefore “gentle touch” mixing is a strict requirement. When investigating the market for batch mixers, the Lindor mixer was selected as the most appropriate one for gentle mixing. Tests confirmed that a very homogenous mix is achieved within a short time without damaging the sensitive pellets.

Technical Specification
Powders, granulate, and pellets of different sizes are mixed together. The Lindor gentle touch mixer was built out of stainless steel AISI 316L. Due to the abrasive properties of the products gland seals were integrated at both the inlet and the outlet. The mixer is equipped for the later introduction of liquid with an injection device, in order to feed in a 3% emulsion.

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