January 13, 2016

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Flexible Post Blending
Creative Design & Machine's flexible post blender

Flexible post blenders combine blending operations with milling, sifting, compaction, bin-to-bin transfer, and discharge directly from a single sanitary, easily maintained column.  

Fully automated and recipe-controlled blenders reduce operator error and encourage repeatability. The blenders are designed for applications requiring high-containment connections to reduce operator exposure. The through-wall mounting feature optimizes facility space, reducing overall footprint of the blenders within clean process rooms.

The automated clamping design accommodates vessels of all shapes and geometries. An internal agitator bar drive assembly is neatly housed within the lifting arm for improved homogeneity and a reduction in agglomerates. Liquid feed capabilities exist directly through the agitator bar shaft.

Creative Design & Machine Inc., Rock Tavern, NY 845-778-9001 www.cdmlift.com

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