Double Inclination Wheeled Bin Mixer

October 8, 2015

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Double Inclination Wheeled Bin Mixer
Double inclination wheeled bin mixer

This double inclination wheeled bin mixer is ideal for mixing pharmaceutical powders and granules. It is used for mixing pharmaceutical powders and granules inside the bin, which eliminates the need for loading, unloading, and cleaning the mixer.

Features of this mixer include: bin manual lock; single inclination; both clockwise and counter-clockwise bin rotation; bin speed adjustment by inverter; possibility of receiving bins of different volumes; remote control panel with manual setup of mixing speed and time; fixing to floor only.

Optional features include bin double inclination, remote control panel for the automatic programming and printing of process parameters by PLC + touch screen + printer, a barcode reader for batch automatic identification, and the ability to handle non-standard bins, among others.

MG America, Fairfield, NJ 866-962-3090

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