Continuous Processor Cuts Chocolate Conching Process from Hours to Minutes

February 13, 2019

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Continuous Processor Cuts Chocolate Conching Process from Hours to Minutes
Readco Kurimoto LLC continuous processor

Continuous processors from Readco Kurimoto LLC automatically perform the mixing and liquefaction steps in the conching process that converts milled chocolate paste into finished chocolate product.

Suitable for producing dark, milk, semi-sweet, and other types of chocolate, the continuous processors speed these key steps in conching from hours in batch production to minutes while using less fat content to achieve the desired viscosities than with traditional processing methods. The continuous processors provide both the heating and high-shear mixing required for conching and effectively disperse agglomerates to achieve the desired taste, texture, moisture content, and mouthfeel.

Available in sanitary USDA- and 3A-compliant designs (optional), the fully enclosed continuous processors eliminate the potential for contamination along with the batch to batch variations common to batch conching, and reduce the footprint required for processing, while consuming less energy, even in 24/7 operation. The processors also excel in enrobing bars, candies, and other products in chocolate, and in mixing and blending chocolate with nuts, raisins, flavors, and other products.

The processors come in stainless steel as standard and are custom-engineered for each application based on lab testing using customer materials and formulations to verify performance.

Readco Kurimoto LLC, York, PA 800-395-4959

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