Batch High-Shear Mixer Has Four-Blade Rotor

October 30, 2015

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Batch High-Shear Mixer Has Four-Blade Rotor

The Ross Batch High Shear Mixer can be sued for general purpose mixing, powder wet-out, deagglomeration, dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization. It features a four-blade rotor running within a close tolerance stator at variable tip speeds up to 4000 ft/min. As the rotor continuously draws product components and expels them through the stator openings, the batch is subjected to high levels of mechanical and hydraulic shear. Interchangeable stators with different size openings provide added flexibility to adapt to a variety of applications and shear requirements. Shown is a Model HSM-130 driven by a 30-hp motor and supplied with an air/oil hydraulic lift for easy positioning and access to the mixing head. The lift also allows users to conveniently utilize multiple tanks and accommodate a range of batch sizes. If preferred, the shaft length can be customized as well.
Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677

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