SME Review Course to Help Professionals Taking PE Exam

Course runs five days

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The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration is offering a five-day course to help professionals taking PE examImage courtesy of SME

Individuals preparing to take the mining and mineral processing professional engineer (PE) examination can prepare by enrolling in the SME PE Review Course. 

This five-day course covers each of the examination subject topics, terminology, and concepts, and also provides a multitude of information and sources for executing the PE exam.
“The SME PE Review Course is a great course, and it’s why I passed the exam," said Tom Rauch, P.E., president - technical services at McCarl's LLC. "The quality of content is great. The professors are engaged and knowledgeable. I actually had fun taking the exam because I felt prepared to take it, and will credit that 100% to the SME Review Course. SME is the place to go to develop your personal and professional career.”

The SME PE Review Course is offered September 10-14, 2022 in Denver. Attendees should already be familiar and comfortable with the fundamentals of geology, engineering, and chemistry/metallurgy to get the most out of this course.

College professors from Penn State University, University of British Columbia, West Virginia University, and Colorado School of Mines will teach the course. Instructors do not know the contents of the exam nor do they submit problems for the exam.

Other Resources

The SME Mining Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition is the only reference available during the PE exam. This reference book provides an additional resource while preparing for the exam. It is an updated, concise, well-organized guide of important data for everyday use by engineers and other professionals engaged in mining, exploration, mineral processing, and environmental compliance and reclamation.

About the PE Exam

Earning a professional engineer license is a major career milestone for an engineer that often results in increased career growth opportunities. PE Registration is one way of demonstrating the credibility of an engineer’s work, and is a legal requirement for an engineer to be able to offer mining and mineral engineering services to the general public.

The exam itself is open book and given in two four-hour sessions consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions.

The exam takes places October 17, 2022. Learn more at the NCEES website

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