Metal Powders Partnership Announced

June 8, 2015

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Metal Powders Partnership Announced

LPW and Metalysis are collaborating to develop an alternative supply chain for clean, spherical tantalum and tungsten powders for quality critical applications. It will combine Metalysis’s metal production technology with LPW’s spherodization and post-processing capability. LPW will be responsible for selling the optimized powder to the Additive Manufacturing (AM) market. This will result in a supply chain that will be robust, quality driven and deliver high performance powders for the AM markets.

LPW is a leader in the development, optimization, and supply of metal powders into the AM industry and will be able to spherodize, size, and blend high-quality, free-flowing powders directly from the raw material and alloys.

The Metalysis technology, which produces metal powder directly from oxide using electrolysis, has the potential to significantly increase production volumes. Its plant in South Yorkshire that began producing tantalum powder this year is the first new primary tantalum metal production plant in Europe in more than 30 years. The patented process for producing metals, including refractory materials such as tantalum and tungsten alloys, offers both economic and environmental benefits over traditional metal production methods.

“Metalysis offers a greener and more cost-effective process,” said LPW managing director, Dr. Phil Carroll. “Add our specialist industry knowledge and we can then supply a range of high-quality, specially developed powders for the additive manufacturing industry.”

“The strategic collaboration between LPW and Metalysis will seek to develop and build the additive manufacturing market for tantalum and its alloys by pooling resources,” said Metalysis chief executive, Dion Vaughan. “We believe that LPW’s market expertise will complement Metalysis’s experience in metal powder production to further the development of AM.”

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