The company’s new facility will supply raw recycled material for use in metal powder product manufacturing.

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Metal powder products producer Epson Atmix Corp. recently revealed plans to erect a new metal recycling plant as part of its effort to create a closed-loop system for metal powder manufacturing.

“Several billions of yen” will be spent to construct the facility and install new equipment, the Tokyo-based company said in a recent announcement, including an induction furnace for melting materials, refining equipment, and a pig casting machine. Recycled metal produced at the location will be sold as a raw material for metal powder products.

“The used metal will come from sources such as out-of-spec metal powder products in Atmix’s manufacturing process, metal waste from its factory, metal scraps, and used molds and dies discharged by Epson and others,” the company wrote in the release. “Within three years, after the new factory begins operating, Atmix expects recycled metal materials to meet about 25% of its total raw metal material needs.”

Investing the factory is part of Epson Atmix’s broader initiative to become underground resource free by 2050. Operations are expected to commence at the plant in 2025.

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