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Syntegon Introduces Discharge Station for Round Cookies, Crackers, Biscuits

Station ensures efficient and gentle handling

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Syntegon introduces discharge station for round cookies, crackers, and biscuits Image courtesy of Syntegon Technology

Syntegon is launching the Distribution Continuous Slide (DCS), a new highly flexible discharge station for round cookies, crackers, and biscuits.

The modular discharge system consists of one or more stations arranged one behind the other. These are equipped with belt slides for particularly gentle handling, minimizing mechanical stress and reducing product breakage and loss. Providing optimum pack style flexibility, the DCS distributes cookies onto belt legs for packing them flat or on-edge into pile, slug or tray packs. Furthermore, the system's guard-free design provides operators with unrestricted process visibility, safe accessibility, and easy cleaning.

Cookies, biscuits, and crackers are taken from the cooling conveyor and are continuously distributed to the leg belts. They are neither pushed nor dropped but slide over the belts and are protected from any mechanical stress. This reduces product loss and leads to efficiency gains, especially when handling particularly sensitive products.

The higher the speed of the belt slide, the more cookies are transferred to downstream leg belts by the DCS. On the individual legs, a further belt slide, arranges the straight product stream into an S-shape. This arrangement ensures the cookies and crackers are evenly distributed across the entire width of the belt, preventing them from wedging or overlapping. A homogeneous product stream is created, ensuring a constant feed to the packaging machine.

Syntegon Packaging Technology LLC, New Richmond, WI 715-246-6511 www.syntegon.com

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