New Conveyor Belt Cleaner Replacement Program

September 19, 2016

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New Conveyor Belt Cleaner Replacement Program
Martin Engineering announces a new factory-direct replacement program for belt cleaners.

Martin Engineering announces a new factory-direct replacement program for belt cleaners, delivering fresh polyurethane blades, specified and custom-fitted on-site and installed free of charge.  

The new program assures customers of accurately-sized and professionally installed replacement blades that are matched to their specific application, providing optimum cleaning performance and service life. The company assures customer satisfaction on any cleaner with its exclusive Forever Guarantee, which specifies that users will experience better cleaning, longer service life and lower cost of ownership.

“Although many conveyor users probably don’t realize it, product freshness is a significant issue for urethane belt cleaners,” said Chris Schmelzer, director of the Wear Components Business Group. “Because urethane is a hygroscopic material, it tends to absorb moisture from the ambient air over time, which causes a degradation of physical properties. The process gradually decreases the cleaning performance and shortens wear life.

“Most manufacturers produce their cleaners in large lots, based on projected sales volumes. They often sit in inventory for a lengthy period of time. Many suppliers also sell their products through distribution, which can extend the shelf time even more. The result is a component with a degraded life expectancy, one that often delivers reduced performance, particularly if the customer is also stocking the replacement blades. In our experience, the usable period is about two years, and after that point the blade’s physical properties are likely to be affected.”  

Martin Engineering is able to guarantee product freshness as a result of its custom-designed urethane molding cells, which produce just-in-time manufacturing of its belt cleaners to deliver blades within the shortest possible lead time, without the need to carry aging inventory in its warehouses. The technology is currently in use at Martin business units on three continents, and plans are already set to place the modular work cells in additional manufacturing facilities. The Mr. Blade program eliminates shipping and labor costs by having new blades delivered and installed direct from the factory, with no wasted shelf time.

Also included are regularly-scheduled inspections, adjustment and blade replacement as required on all Martin belt cleaning systems, as well as the company’s 18-point Walk-the-Belt audits, emphasizing worldwide best practices from the new Foundations for Conveyor Safety book. All services are covered in the blade pricing, with no contract required.  

As part of the new program, the company will maintain an electronic record of operating conditions on all conveyors using its equipment. This data will be updated regularly, providing management with an operational assessment of vital components, including recommendations for avoiding costly failures and system downtime. Further, MSHA-certified Martin service technicians will adjust, repair or replace the main frame and tensioner of any belt cleaner at no charge, for as long as the customer maintains a “Mr. Blade” service relationship.  

The vans are designed as mobile business units, with technicians able to electronically enter and update data on each customer system right at the site. With a lifetime record of all belt cleaning equipment, customers will have access to details on the mounting assembly, tensioner and blade wear life, along with total annual cost information for budgeting purposes. Each vehicle will be equipped with the business tools and software to provide quotations on the spot, and all will have credit card transaction capabilities to deliver a convenient customer experience.  

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