October 10, 2013

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Hapman Expands Full-Scale Test Lab
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Hapman’s expanded material test lab offers equipment testing of customer-provided dry bulk product. The expansion allows for greater testing capability, while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the test material. Tests are performed in simulated operating conditions so material flow can be analyzed and recorded. Tests are designed to ensure the capacity, size, options, and features of the selected equipment will perform as required.  

Material is observed through equipment sight windows and access panels that allow for data collection and visual inspection of material flow. Lab technicians are trained to look for material bridging, flow-back, and packing. These material flow characteristics indicate the need for agitation, vibration, or special augers and hoppers. In addition to material flow, electrical data is also gathered, recorded, and compared to capacity data to ensure proper sizing and selection of motors and drives.

The Hapman test lab contains all major types of conveying equipment, including tubular drag, vacuum, and flexible screw conveyors. Testing is also provided for feeders and bag dump stations. When the material test is complete, the data is reviewed by Hapman engineers and the results and the recommendations are provided in a comprehensive written report.

The Hapman material test provides analytical results that review:

* conveyability
* flow rate
* bulk density
* degradation
* segregation/non uniformity
* power requirements for conveying
* ambient temperature and humidity
* dust containment
* batching accuracy (for feeders)
* material abrasion
* material adhesion

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