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March 24, 2008

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Gough Econ Awarded Contract for Multiple Bucket Elevators

Gough Econ Inc. has been selected to supply multiple Econ-O-Lift bucket elevators to a major hydro-processing facility being constructed in Louisiana. The catalyst from the plant will be used to meet the increasing demand for future clean burning fuels by removing impurities and assuring quality filtration in refining the oil.

The multiple bucket elevators will be used to transport various grades of catalyst to several stations in the world-scale hydro-processing catalyst manufacturing facility currently under construction. Bucket sizes will range from 9 to 30 in., with capacities up to 2500 cu ft/hr. Start-up of the facility is scheduled for the end 2009.

The bucket elevators are being custom designed by Gough Econ for the application to assure maximum durability, easy installation, and maximum resistance to the abrasive nature of the catalyst. Delivery is scheduled for late this summer.

According to the customer, higher oil prices, additional conversion needs, and higher clean fuel specification have created a steep change in demand for high-performance catalyst. This plant will contribute to meeting the refining industry's demand for high-quality hydro treating and hydrocracking catalyst.

"Catalyst is an abrasive material that needs to remain in its granular form and maintain its extremely high surface area for maximum efficiency," said Andy Leitch, vice president of sales for Gough Econ. "Our bucket elevators are primarily used to link certain parts of the process to assure damage-free transfer."

The bucket elevators being supplied will include a collapsing chain and 360º multiple discharge for maximum flexibility. For this application, the elevator chains will be constructed of carbon steel for durability, long life, and low maintenance. The buckets are designed to remain upright-except at discharge-throughout the process to ensure product integrity.

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