July 28, 2014

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Conveyor Manufacturer Offers Money Back Guarantee
Guardian seal.jpg

Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing has developed a new screw conveyor shaft seal. The Guardian Seal is a combination of multiple elastomer seals stretched over a rotating screw conveyor shaft. The seals face both inward and outward with the gap in-between filled with grease through a remote zerk. As the elastomer seals wear, they continue to conform to the shaft extending the life of the seal. The Guardian Seal is effective against both product and gas interchange, even handling low to moderate pressures and vacuum. The seal will fit wherever air purged seals and waste pack seals fit. It offers long life, is self-adjustable, and easily handles shaft run-out and thermal expansion. Just bolt it on and grease it occasionally and it will last for years in most applications. A one-year money back guarantee is offered with the purchase of these seals.
Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing, Cedar Rapids, IA 800-452-4027 www.conveyoreng.com

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