Conveyor Belt Tracker Offers 360° Rotational Capability

The K-Commander exceed series is an all-direction belt tracking solution with flexible 360° rotational capability.

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September 29, 2020

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A poorly tracked conveyor belt can lead to a number of productivity and safety issues. Damage to the conveyor belt itself, as well as the conveyor structure is a major problem. As the belt misaligns, the edge of the conveyor belt is at risk of becoming torn. The conveyor structural damage is also highly likely, which is a significant safety risk. Replacement of both is extremely costly and requires interruption in production and added labor.

Another issue as a result of belt misalignment is often material spillage. As well as the cost of product wastage, excess material can increase the risk of personnel slipping, tripping, falling over, and becoming entangled. Material spillage can also damage idlers and can cause conveyor rollers to seize.

The ideal scenario whereby a conveyor belt tracks "true" in the center, involves idlers and pulleys being aligned, levelled and square to center line prior to loading the belt. It should be pivoting and rotating freely when the belt experiences any mistracking. Other options include fixed tracking solutions without rotating structure. In order to install any one of the K-Commander series, the belt needs to be monitored in order to identify any problem areas that cannot be solved by making adjustments.

The K-Commander exceed series is an all-direction belt tracking solution featuring flexible 360° rotational capability, with its separate axial and rotational function allowing for the double axis pivot bush.

The K-Commander exceed series P has been designed with two key stages. The first stage focuses on the inner shell that contains the shaft and an engineered pivoting bush allowing the axial movement of the tracker. The inner shell is protected by a flexible EPDM rubber boot. The second stage focuses on the roller bearings, which allows the rotational movement of the tracker. The roller bearings connect the inner shell and the outer shell and are protected by a labyrinth seal.

The installation of the K-Commander control series is only for the return side, being the most critical surface of the belt in order to maintain belt alignment. The unique engineered action of the central ball and socket link is encased in a rubber covered steel tube. This protects the internal mechanics and ensures that the belt runs true.

The K-Commander direct series are a pivoting base style, available in both trough and return applications automatically providing belt centering. The outboard servo rollers cause the idler frame to pivot as they contact the belt edge and this swivel action causes the belt to realign automatically.

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