Technology Replaces Manual Sorting of PET, PVC Flakes

June 28, 2016

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Technology Replaces Manual Sorting of PET, PVC Flakes
Sesotec's Flake Purifier multi-sorting-system

PT. Rejeki Adigraha is a plastics recycling company in Indonesia that primarily specializes in the recycling of PET and PVC materials. The company is headquartered in Jababeka Industrial Area – the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia. With about 150 employees, the company reaches a recycling capacity of approximately 1000 tons of PET and PVC per month.

PT. Rejeki Adigraha already was established in 1986 under the name UD Rejeki Adigraha. At the beginning of its corporate history the company operated as a small trading company for PVC pipeline component brands and later established itself as a manufacturer of rigid PVC granulate, especially for pipeline components. At that time PT. Rejeki Adigraha was the first company in Indonesia that produced recycled PVC granulate for the pipeline component market. In addition to granulate the company also produces PET flakes that are used as starting material for the polyester industry. PET products at present mainly are exported to China.

Sesotec Asia, one of Sesotec's eight subsidiaries, based in Singapore, contacted PT. Rejeki Adigraha. PT. Rejeki Adigraha has replaced the manual sorting of PET and PVC flakes with automated sorting technology of Sesotec. "With the Flake Purifier multi-sorting-system we have achieved a clear increase in efficiency. The quality of recycled plastics is guaranteed at highest levels and without any quality fluctuations," said Dede Indrapurna of PT Rejeki Adigraha.

The recycling process of the Indonesian company starts with plastic materials from residual waste and plastic flakes containing 70 percent PVC and 30 percent other plastics, mainly PET. The material is first shredded to obtain parts of approximately the same size, and then passes through washing and drying processes. In the next plastics processing step Sesotec's Flake Purifier multi-sorting-system is used for the separation of PVC. The Flake Purifier sorting system was specifically developed for applications in the plastics recycling industry. The especially adapted small conveyor ensures that the plastic flakes are optimally singularized. In addition to the sensors for metal and color separation, Sesotec also provides a high-performance module for the detection of contaminations, which also include different types of plastics. Depending on the application, these sensors are used individually or in combination.

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