Sanitary Dispensing Container Unveiled

June 30, 2016

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Sanitary Dispensing Container Unveiled
MODRoto's Powder-Saver dry hopper container in a sanitary design

MODRoto has unveiled its Powder-Saver dry hopper container in a sanitary design. Rotationally molded from FDA/USDA-approved polyethylene and fitted with a stainless steel, dust-tight slide gate, the sanitary, plastic container enables chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and other processors to store, transport, mix, and dispense ingredients, excipients, additives and other powders in measured amounts from the same, single vessel.

A clean, durable alternative to bulk bags and boxes that guards against contamination and eliminates product loss from spillage in transit, the sanitary Powder-Saver bulk container features a smooth, conical storage hopper that promotes complete emptying through the slide gate set within a companion, forkliftable base. The removable base allows the entire container to be safely moved, racked, and stacked by lift truck when covered.

Reusable and easy to clean, the food-grade plastic hopper container and rugged base are waterproof, chemical-resistant, and suitable for high-pressure, washdown conditions. The unit holds 31 cu ft of powder, measures 45 3/4 x 45 3/4 x 48 ½ in. tall, and includes molded-in fill level indicators for visual monitoring.

MODRoto, Madison, IN 800-829-4535

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