Safe Access & Fall Protection for Truck Loading System

Benko Products Inc., a manufacturer of truck and railcar loading safety equipment, custom-designed a complex rail and truck loading system for a client in Québec, Canada.

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Benko Products Inc., a manufacturer of truck and railcar loading safety equipment, custom-designed a complex rail and truck loading system for a client in Québec, Canada.

Benko Products recently completed an intricate retrofit custom safe access and fall protection to an existing truck loading system for a major chemical client. The client sought out a manufacturer who had strong vendor partnerships and was capable and insight to design and fabricate a solution that would work with its existing loading systems. After numerous engineering hours developing the appropriate solution for the client, Benko Products was awarded the contract.

After years of service, the client wanted to replace an existing winched operated homemade gangway with a safety cage. The client’s existing truck loading system was old, worn, and complicated to use. The truck station had three existing loading hoses on an existing platform. The client wanted a solution that would provide safe access and fall protection, while allowing them to continue to use their current hoses. 

Benko Products solution had to account for several critical factors:

  • the height of the platform

  • the height of the trucks the client needs to access

  • the height of the pipes and the loading hoses

  • the distance from the platform to the truck

  • the distance from the platform to the end of the pipe where the loading hose attach

  • the width of the access area on top of the trucks

  • the width of the pipes and hoes

  • how the safety cage will store when not in use

While many solutions look similar at first glance, all are custom designed for each application. Retrofitting a new modern solution to the existing loading station takes careful planning and insight to ensure that the solution will work as intended. Old worn homemade systems are still a prevalent issue for many operators. Retrofitting an existing station (truck or railcar) can become extremely complicated for these operators. This is especially true for stations that service multiple vehicles. Even stations that just service tank trucks need to consider the various truck designs to ensure that the new solution does not expose operators to new fall hazards. 

Many tank trucks have different configurations, including long rails, large ladders, and storm weather covers. The solution also needs to consider what is being loaded/unloaded. Benko Products leverages its years of field experience to help clients navigate the factors. The solution for this application included a custom 5-ft-wide spring-balanced PPG polyurethane painted aluminum safety bridge with custom truck safety enclosure/cage. The new solution is much easier for operators to maneuver, while granting them safe, protected access to the top of the trucks. 

The Green Access & Fall Protection product line offers gangways, loading racks, stationary and portable platforms, large tank truck and railcar loading systems, and more. For more information, contact Benko Products, Inc. at 440-934-2180 or visit

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