Orbital Stretch-Wrappers Secure Bulk Bags to Pallets

December 21, 2015

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Orbital Stretch-Wrappers Secure Bulk Bags to Pallets
TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch-wrapping machine

TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch-wrapping machines wrap plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under an entire palletized load - including the pallet – to create a single, secure load that keeps bulk bags in place without sliding, shifting, or falling off the pallet during lifting, transport, and warehousing.

Ideal for packaging powdered, granular, and other free-flowing products in paper and plastic bags for retail sale, as well as in flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) and other bulk bags, TAB Wrapper Tornado packaging machines provide a durable, water-resistant layer of protection from bumps, scrapes, and tears to safeguard against spillage, product loss, and costly cleanup and regulatory fines.

Featuring patent-pending technology, the TAB Wrapper Tornado allows the palletized bags to be wrapped while raised on a forklift or continuously fed on a conveyor. To test the machinery with bagged products, the machine wrapped a 2500-lb palletized load of bags of cement to its pallet that was set on a forklift. After repeatedly raising and quickly lowering the load to simulate irregular movements, the plastic film remained intact and the bags remained safely in place.

The TAB Wrapper Tornado is available in three standard models and in custom sizes and ships fully assembled with a full warranty.

TAB Industries LLC, Reading, PA 610-921-0012 www.tabwrapper.com

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