February 1, 2008

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Material Handling Spotlight - February 08

pbs0802p12a.jpgRobotic Palletizing Cell
The AR-200 robotic palletizing cell handles up to four different products simultaneously, with custom grippers for bags and boxes. At speeds up to 25 units per minute, the robot uses the latest addition to the FANUC robot family in the high-payload four-axis category. There is also an option that eliminates manual adjustments for bag size changeover. This feature allows the robot to automatically adjust the gripper opening when changing bag size. It palletizes all types of open-mouth bags and polyethylene FFS bags, fills tote boxes, and bags in a box. It can also handle unlimited layout configurations and features quick changeover of palletizing patterns through stored recipes. Flexibility in layout configuration allows installation in tight spaces, complying with the latest safety standards.
Premier Tech Systems, Riviere-du-Loup, QC, Canada 418-868-8324 www.premiertechsystems.com

pbs0802p12b.jpgVacuum Lifter
The Unimove vacuum tube lifting system allows one operator to pick up and move items that weigh up to 1000 lb. Constructed of standard stainless steel, it can handle a variety of products like corrugated boxes, bags, and metal and plastic drums. It is strong enough to lift kitchen sinks. The unit can handle uneven, flexible, rough, and porous surfaces—the patented valve design automatically adjusts for each.
UniTech Industries, Palmerton, PA 610-826-7855 www.unimove.com

pbs0802p12c.jpgVibratory Shipping Densifier
The Vibra-Pack shipping densifier uses gentle vibratory motion to help settle bulk material, eliminating settling of product during transport. This allows more material to be packaged into each shipping vessel, decreasing the number of containers required. The unit easily attaches to a bulk container using manual or pneumatic attachments and can be fitted with automatically adjustable supports to match varying container heights.
General Kinematics Corp., Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-3222 www.generalkinematics.com

pbs0802p12d.jpgPortable Access Ladder
The portable access ladder has a stationary base section 9 ft high × 5 ft long with a top landing 1½ ft long × 2 ft wide. The lower stationary section has a “ships” ladder with 9–12-in. rises and 4–8-in. grip strut treads for accessing the upper platform. The stationary base has 8-in. semipneumatic casters with brakes on the rear and 8-ft stationary semipneumatic wheels on the front. The unit is equipped with two telescoping leveling jacks for added stability and adjustment. The upper platform manually adjusts from 9 ft to an under clearance of 13 ft. The upper platform is 2 ft wide × 4 ft long and constructed with grip strut grating. The upper platform has neoprene bumpers on the outboard end, complete with handrails. The lifting feature is performed using a manual cable winch, which is adjustable from grade.
G-Raff Systems, Div. of Benko Products Inc., Sheffield Village, OH 440-934-2180 www.benkoproducts.com

pbs0802p12e.jpgHeavy Lift Bin
This heavy-duty top-lift hopper bin is designed for applications where the bins are used in a rugged environment that requires primarily top lifting. The unit has a translucent ½-in. nominal wall thickness in the tank and a ½-in. wall thickness in the base that provide high resistance to impacts and environmental stress cracking. The bin features a bulk density rating of 100 lb/cu ft and offers reinforced top-lifting eyelets, multiple discharge openings, and 45° or 60° standard hopper angles. Bin sizes are 25, 40, 50, 60, and 80 cu ft. A UN/DOT design is also available.
Snyder Industries Inc., Lincoln, NE 402-467-5221 www.snydernet.com

pbs0802p12f.jpgOverhead Product Orienter
This high-speed overhead orienter accepts product for palletizing and turns it 90, 180, or 270 degrees to automatically form the optimal pallet configuration for each product. The unit can turn bags to form pallets with “butts out” bag orientation, and rotate cases and trays for pallets requiring specific panel orientation. Servo-powered for smooth handling and reliable operation, the mechanism quickly and gently grips and rotates the product to the proper position during high-speed product accumulation. Operation is fully automatic, and preprogrammed according to palletizing requirements, for one-touch operation at the palletizer’s touch screen display panel.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975 www.abcpackaging.com

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