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September 15, 2006

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Material Handling

Dual Container Dumper with Vibratory Feeder
This unit accepts and discharges one or two containers loaded with a pallet jack at floor level. Custom hoppers include a manually adjustable slide gate for precise control of product discharge and a variable speed feeder control to adjust feed rates. Inflatable seals and UHMW debris guards prevent contaminants from entering product flow. All product contact surfaces are constructed from 304-2b stainless steel to ensure product purity. Units are custom designed to meet your application requirements.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

LaceyHarmerWeb.jpgSelf-Dumping Hopper
The Orange Box self-dumping hopper is an easy-empty container that provides a safer method of material handling and “hands free” dumping. The forklift driver remains safely seated on the forklift during the dumping process. The hopper will not tip, open or activate when sitting stationary and is available with 1- to 10-yard capacities. Custom sizes are available. Leasing is also available.
Lacey-Harmer Co., Portland, OR 800-367-9992

Loading Equipment
Company specializes in equipment and systems for loading ships, barges, railcars, trucks and open stacking. Equipment supplied for a new river terminal handles fly ash at 75 P/CF at 250 ST/PH. Loading the barges were eight 30-ft travel barge loading retractable spouts with integral dust collectors. Feeding these spouts were over 520 ft of air-flow conveyor. The system also included eight air-actuated vertical slide gates. All heavy-wear surfaces were 225 BHN AR Plate.
BayShore Material Handling, Bayshore, MI 231-347-1160

CimbriaModuflex.jpgDust-Free Outloading Solutions
Company develops, manufactures and markets dust-free outloading solutions for bulk materials. Systems built from standardized modules are available for tanker trucks, open back trucks, rail wagons, ship loading, stockpiling and warehousing. The modular construction ensures flexibility and enables modification and repair with minimal downtime. The loading equipment is tested and documented and can be delivered with or without integrated filter and with a variety of accessories.
Cimbria Moduflex, Herning, Denmark +45 97 22 32 00


Servo-Driven Rotary Turntable
Company offers a servo-driven rotary turntable for its Pro-Pal Multipal Rotary Palletizer. By positioning multiple pallets on a rotary turntable, this system can palletize the output of multiple production lines. With its new servo-driven rotary turntable, the enhanced Pro-Pal Palletizer achieves up to 20 percent greater output, loading product from three to eight production lines simultaneously onto three to eight pallets at speeds up to four layers per minute, depending on the application. It is available as a robotic and non-robotic multi-line, multi-pallet rotary palletizer.
Priority One Packaging Ltd., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 800-387-9102

Bag Palletizer/Stabilizer
An industrial product that performs like the glue on Post-it notes, Lock n’Pop maintains pallet configurations of unstable bags. Its adhesives have high shear strength to ensure that slippery bags don’t shift  during palletizing, interplant handling or shipment, yet come apart easily with no apparent residue. It can reduce and often eliminate the need for stretch wrap and continues to perform even as layers are removed, while stretch wrap, once removed, leaves remaining layers vulnerable to slippage—especially when the pallet is moved.
Lock n’Pop, Lynnwood, WA

Automated Sorting System
The Model LT8 Layer Pad and Top Frame Separator System proFleetwoodGoldcoWyardWeb.jpgvides automated sorting at speeds of 10 layer pads per minute. It is designed to unstack layer pads and top frames from an incoming mixed stack, using three pallet lifts for sorting. The system also offers optional pallet infeed and discharge conveyors to assist with the conveying of full mixed stacks and the removal and stacking of empty pallets. Features include Model AS889 Autoserter with Indramat Servo Drive for removing layer pads and top, frames from mixed stack, top frame handler to remove top frames and place in separate stack, independent layer pad and top frame squaring assemblies.
FleetwoodGoldcoWyard, Romeoville, IL 970-663-4770

Vi-Cas.jpgLarge Diameter Vacuum Cups
These large vacuum cups are available in sizes to 15 in. and larger to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting and placing large or heavy items, including bags of chemicals, grain, cement or other heavy materials. Round, rectangular and oval shapes are available in materials to suit most any application, including food-grade materials for food handling, high-temperature materials and anti-static materials for handling electronic components.
Vi-Cas Manufacturing, Cincinnati, OH 513-791-7741

MaterialTransferLiftSeal.jpgLow Level Lift & Seal Container Dumper
This unit rotates a container 150 degrees under a 120-in. ceiling height, providing a complete discharge of most non-free flowing materials. The container is loaded via pallet jack at floor level. The Lift & Seal System hydraulically seals the container to the pour hood, eliminating dust and product contamination. The unit features a washdown-duty tubular carbon steel frame, a pallet jack portable base, Steel-It epoxy finish and 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces. Units are custom designed for any size or weight container with the discharge height required.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

High-Volume Laser Sorter
Featuring a doublewide platform that harnesses the horsepower of its G6 engine, the high-volume Optyx 6000 Series Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology detects the smallest defects and foreign material to optimize product quality and maximize food safety at double the throughput. It can sort fresh, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables, including frozen potato products, tree nuts, raisins and other food products at production rates of up to 40,000 lbs/hour, depending on the application.
Key Technology Inc., Walla Walla, WA 509-529-2161

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