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Material Handling 107

June 6, 2007

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Material Handling

pbs0706p5a.jpgAutomatic Glue Feeder
For high-volume case and carton sealing lines, the patented, self-cleaning Clean-Feed automatic glue feeder has a glue-on-demand design that prevents char-clogged lines, melting pots, and nozzles, which destroy entire melting systems. Because fines and starches are filtered out before glue chips are melted, nozzle clog is eliminated. Nozzles last longer and glue seals are tight, with no messy glue dribble on cartons or conveyors. One system can supply multiple melting stations, and its stand-alone design adjusts to fit any layout.
ALL-CON World Systems Inc., Seaford, DE 302-628-3380 www.all-con.com

pbs0706p5b.jpgDrum Massager
The patented Drum Massager offers a solution to remove hardened product from drums or boxes. The system has multiple sets of massager arms that compress the sides of containers to break up product for easy discharging. A rotating lift platform raises and turns the container to allow for multiple compressions on the container sidewall.
Custom Powder Systems, Springfield, MO 417-868-8002 www.custom-powder.com

pbs0706p7a.jpgBulk Shipping Containers
The Xytec line of collapsible pallet containers consists of units with 32 × 30-in., 48 × 40-in., and 48 × 45-in. footprints in various heights and styles. Xytec also includes EL extended-length containers and HighWall extended-height containers. Each container system provides customers with a wide range of options, including sidewall access doors, lids, identification systems, standard or heavy-duty bases (on select products), custom colors, and multiple dunnage configurations. The collapsible IBCs in the Combo line are suited for shipping and storing large volumes of processed foods and ingredients. They are molded of food-grade plastic and have completely smooth surfaces to satisfy the strictest hygienic standards. The company has also added Big Box fixed-wall pallet containers, handheld Stack & Nest totes, and specialty lugs and pails.
Buckhorn Inc., Milford, OH 800-543-4454 www.buckhorninc.com

pbs0706p7b.jpgHydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioning System
With this hydraulic bulk bag conditioning system, the operator loads bulk bags via a forklift and then activates hydraulically actuated compression frames mounted on opposing sides to break up materials, returning materials to a flowable state within minutes. The integral hydraulic lift table and rotary turntable allow for maximum conditioning results, while machine guarding protects employees. Sturdy construction, quality components, and an application-specific design ensure reliable performance.
In-house testing is available prior to equipment investment.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

pbs0706p8b.jpgRemote Powered Manhole
The Safe Loading System SLS-1000 autoopening manhole is engineered for the safe loading and unloading of dry bulk materials for the transportation industry. The unit can be controlled at ground level, eliminating the need for an operator to climb on top of the tank at every loading site. A pneumatic control that includes an open/closed indicator and guarantees no-fail operation even in harsh climates after years of use with dusty materials such as cement, limestone, and sand can be activated from the ground. The manhole is designed with a long-lasting inflatable gasket to ensure that the cover has a positive seal at all times.
Knappco, Kansas City, MO 888-526-5657 www.civacon.com

pbs0706p9a.jpgHopper Bins
Flowmaster all-plastic stainless and carbon steel hopper bins with thick walls (0.5 in. or more) offer optimum physical property performance that translates into longer-lasting, more durable containers. They are available in 25-, 40-, 50-, 60-, and 80-cu-ft sizes with multiple top-opening options up to 22 in. Features include a completely open top and a sanitary lid design, lifting lugs that provide top-lifting capability that enables containers to be stacked easily and safely, and a complete line of ancillary equipment and accessories. Custom sizes are available. Steel hopper bins are available in stainless steel or carbon steel construction in 30-, 40-, 62-, 78-, and 90-cu-ft sizes. The bins can be designed to exact specifications with customized features for filling and discharging.
Snyder Industries Inc., Lincoln, NE 402-465-1270 www.snydernet.com

pbs0706p9b.jpgErgonomic Lifter and Transporter
The Powered Dandy Lift is clean, quiet, user-friendly, and convenient for transporting, lifting, and positioning loads in industrial environments. With lifting and lowering accomplished with the touch of a button thanks to a 24-V battery, the unit is available in five models with capacities from 220 to 500 lb, table sizes of 20 × 31.5 in. or 24 × 36 in., and raised heights to 51 in. Other features include a battery status indicator and onboard charger, full shielding of all electrical components, smooth-rolling casters, parking locks, and a comfort-shaped handle. A high-speed linear actuator provides precise positioning.
Southworth Products Corp., Portland, ME 207-878-0700 www.southworthproducts.com

pbs0706p13a.jpgPortable Radio Remote Control System
The Quick Connect system is a standardized interchangeable portable radio remote control system to interface with locomotives that are equipped with American Association of Railroads standard multiple-unit (MU) connections. It is economical for controlling more than one locomotive at an operating facility. Installation is simplified through the attachment of portable enclosures and plug-in connectors for the MU sockets. The enclosures are easily transferable from one locomotive to another.
The Cattron Group International, Sharpsville, PA 724-962-3571 www.cattrongroup.com

pbs0706p14b.jpgBag and Box End Effector
Innovative bag and case tooling enables a single robot to simultaneously palletize multiple sizes and types of bags and boxes without changing tools. Robotic palletizers stack up to four production lines at a time, saving valuable floor space and requiring little maintenance.
Columbia/Okura LLC, Vancouver, WA 360-735-1952 www.columbiaokura.com

pbs0706p15a.jpgPresswood Pallets
With Japan’s new import regulations on raw wood packaging and shipping materials, Inca presswood pallets are certified as totally free of plant pests. Under the new ISPM15-standard regulations, raw wood pallets and packaging materials shipped to Japan must be marked and treated according to the standard. Companies that treat wood according to ISPM15 must be licensed by their national plant protection office. These pallets are an exception to the regulations. Wood packaging made wholly of wood-based products such as plywood, particle board, oriented-strand board, or veneer that have been manufactured with glue, heat, and pressure, or a combination of those processes fall outside the regulation.
Litco International Inc., Vienna, OH 330-539-5433 www.litco.com

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