Improved, Compact Portable Drum Rollers

November 1, 2016

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Improved, Compact Portable Drum Rollers
Morse compact portable drum roller

Compact Morse portable drum rollers roll closed steel and plastic drums to mix and blend the contents. Mixing inside sealed drums (and cans) eliminates worker exposure, reduces clean-up and can incorporate important ingredients that would otherwise be left in unmixed sediment. New improvements include a more robust drive train and internal components, plus a more ergonomic kick-stand and top rim hook.

Morse drum rollers double as drain stands for dispensing, and a built-in tipping bar provides leverage to assist in loading/unloading drums.

Models are available at 20 RPM fixed speed or variable speed to rotate a 55-gal drum from 15 to 24 RPM.

Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., East Syracuse, NY 315-437-8475

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