February 19, 2019

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Zero Speed Switches for Slow-Speed Applications
Dazic zero speed switches

Dazic zero speed switches provide an instant alert or relay throw if the rotary motion of equipment stops or deviates from standard operating parameters.

Interlocked as part of a conveyor system or other shaft-driven process components, the 8100 Series detects changes in motion from 0.5 to 25 RPM, making it ideal for slow-speed applications. When driven from a critical shaft, the switch can be electronically fitted to actuate a signal or alarm device, break a circuit to a motor, make a circuit to start auxiliary equipment, make or break a circuit to other electrical devices, or signal a control station or PLC.

Manufactured from aluminum or cast iron with a NEMA 4/4x rating, the switches are available with SPDT, DPDT, or SPDT(s) wiring contacts. Mounting options include base mount, flange, or flange with pilot.

Control Concepts Inc., Putnam, CT 860-928-6551 www.speedswitch.com

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