Tilt-Brake Prevents Runaway Drum Rotations

July 31, 2017

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Tilt-Brake Prevents Runaway Drum Rotations
The MORStop tilt-brake

The MORStop tilt-brake automatically stops and holds the drum at every tilt angle. It is a compact anti-backdrive device that functions smoothly and quietly in both directions. Without the unit, a heavy unbalanced drum may tilt/rotate forcefully out of control – requiring operators to manually lock the pull-chain or hand crank to prevent unwanted drum rotation. It eliminates this need, enhancing productivity and safety.

The MORStop Tilt-Brake option is available on many models of Morse Drum Karriers and also fits any manual tilt product using a Morse-style gear block.

Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., East Syracuse, NY 315-437-8475 www.morsedrum.com

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