Streamlining Laboratory Processes

October 16, 2015

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Streamlining Laboratory Processes
Mettler Toledo offers a range of new product upgrades to streamline laboratory processes.

Mettler Toledo offers a range of new product upgrades designed to streamline laboratory processes. In addition, the company has collaborated with manufacturing consultant and lean laboratory expert, Erwin Studer, to develop a free Lean Lab Checklist to help improve productivity through the identification and elimination of 'hidden' time-wasting activities. Studer shares his expertise in an informative interview.

With many laboratories under increasing pressure to deliver more consistent and predictable performance, optimization of laboratory processes can contribute significantly to the economic efficiency of an organization. By employing lean principles, laboratories benefit from a greater understanding of lab capacity and resourcing requirements, bringing about reduced lead times, work-in-progress and costs – and ultimately, improved customer service. The questions in the Lean Lab Checklist will not only provide you with an overview of the current status of your lab, but will also highlight where potential improvements can be made.

Building on lean lab principles, Mettler Toledo has introduced a variety of upgrades to selected product lines to support your drive for higher productivity. The key developments are outlined below.

Standalone and LabX-based statistical quality control system using your XPE balance – ensure ongoing quality and compliance for batch control, batch release, and fill quantities.

3-Place weighing accuracy without draft shield – the new SmartPan on 0.001 g precision balances delivers faster results and removes the need for a draft shield for more ergonomics and productivity.

Automated dosing on your XPE analytical balance – take advantage of the dosing application integrated in the XPE firmware by simply adding a powder and/or liquid dosing module for the highest accuracy in standard and sample preparation.

Error-free data transfer via RFID – use the new benchtop RFID reader/writer for a multitude of applications in conjunction with RFID tags on sample containers, pipettes and dosing heads.

Centralized workflow, data, and instrument management – LabX laboratory software offers a complete workflow and data management solution for all connected instruments and now includes new statistical functionalities.

Download the free Lead Lab Checklist and watch the interview with Erwin Studer.

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