REMBE Unveils New Controller for Flow Metering System

December 1, 2015

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REMBE Unveils New Controller for Flow Metering System
REMBE offers a new controller for its C-Lever flow metering system.

There is more to a good weighing system than an accurate measuring method. The connected controller, also known as the processing unit, electronic device, or measuring amplifier, is a decisive factor for the powerful performance of the system. The new REMBE EVA HE controller for the C-Lever flow metering system fulfills customer requirements of even the most demanding process.
When a company decides to buy a weighing system, the new equipment is often added to an existing system. The challenge is to combine the weighing system with existing controls and programs. Software programming, add-ons, special installations, and the engagement of specialist engineers can be extremely expensive. Once the system has been installed, maintenance, updates, and adjustments may make it necessary to obtain further support. Again, a professional is required on site, putting a further strain on the budget.

The solution: a controller that includes all the required connections as standard equipment, so that it can easily be connected to existing installations. Moreover, the controller should be able to be updated and adjusted by the manufacturer online.  

The EVA HE has all these features. In addition, a wide range of settings can be saved via data logging. The start-up, updates, and bug fixes are all carried out online. Operation is particularly simple, since the system has a 5.7-in. TT color display with touchscreen and an intuitive interface.

EVA HE product features include:
• All connections are available (Ethernet, Profibus, CANbus, etc.) as standard equipment to easily connect/coordinate with existing systems
• Online updates to ensure that the controller is always updated with software changes (connection to internet required)
• Simple-to-operate via touchscreen, color display, and self-explanatory user interface

Most importantly, the accuracy of the measuring process is not affected by different material densities, irregular material flows, or extreme friction. The C-Lever measuring system is suitable for a wide range of bulk goods, such as high- temperature materials, materials that are abrasive, or materials requiring special hygienic treatment.   

The C-Lever measuring system is made of high-quality materials, designed to ensure robustness and durability. In addition to standard sizes and connections, it can be equipped with customized flanges and made in special sizes to better adapt to specific process requirements.  

The patented measuring technique of the C-Lever is based on the laws of centripetal force, measuring the bulk material as it passes across a radial-shaped sensor surface. Measuring tolerance can thus be reduced to approximately 0.2%, depending on the application.  

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