Powder King Offers Embedded Controller for Mills

November 11, 2019

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Powder King Offers Embedded Controller for Mills
Powder King introduces the proprietary EC200 operating control system.

Powder King introduces the proprietary EC200 operating control system. The new HMI and EC200 embedded controller replaces a PLC and several other devices. All necessary inputs and outputs are built in, simplifying the system design, operation, and maintenance of the control system. It supports several different machine configurations, such as single mill, dual mill, single feeder, dual feeders, across the line or wye/delta motor starters, airflow VFD or damper control, J or K thermocouple types, etc. The same software for EC200 and HMI operates everything, and machine configuration is selectable via password protected HMI screen.

In addition to the features available in a typical PLC, EC200 offers functionality not available in PLCs; It monitors itself and processes by measuring up to 12 different parameters (internal power supply voltages, line voltage, feeder voltages, line frequency, internal vacuum sensor voltages and status, PC board temperature, etc.). Other features include forcing of all inputs and outputs via HMI, a valuable tool in troubleshooting and avoiding nuisance shutdown. For example, the hopper empty proximity switch fails, which shuts the production down. Using the HMI maintenance screen, the hopper switch input is forced on and the production continues until the spare part arrives.

The HMI control screen is designed so it is not necessary to switch screens during normal operation to auto or manual mode. Every operator action is logged and time stamped, along with machine warnings, alarms, trends, and recipe changes. This allows a look into the past for identifying potential production issues. All inputs, outputs, mill currents, vacuums, feeder voltages, internal parameters, etc., are available on the HMI maintenance screen. Almost any problem regarding electrical equipment can be identified by looking at and analyzing the data on the screen. HMI features EasyAccess 2.0 – the utility that allows Powder King or the customer to access HMI screens for remote troubleshooting and monitor on a laptop, Android, iPad/tablet, or a cell phone from anywhere in the world, as long as an internet connection is available.

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