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On-Line Industrial Moisture Gauge Includes Future-Proof Platform

NDC’s Series 9 on-line industrial gauge provides numerous benefits to customers.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

September 17, 2020

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Image courtesy of NDC Technologies

The Series 9 industrial gauge, a future-proof platform, provides the following benefits to customers:

* Low cost of ownership – NDC’s applications engineering approach to delivering out-of-the-box, on-line measurements, along with Series 9’s easy operation and maintenance, enables manufacturers to realize immediate and long-term value over the lifetime of operation.

* Greater process vision – Series 9 opens new measurement opportunities, allowing manufacturers to perform more comprehensive measurements in unique applications. The system provides process vision beyond that of conventional in-process measurement systems. Users can effectively perform moisture measurements in applications such as powders, aggregates, flakes, granules, slurries, and paste, to name a few.

* Optimize process and product quality – Series 9’s fit-for-purpose design, coupled with stable, dependable measurements, maximizes the ability to operate processes at peak efficiency and deliver high quality.

* Scalable to meet current and future plant requirements – Series 9’s flexible building-block architecture, combined with intuitive functionality, advanced process connectivity and adaptable integration, allows manufacturers to scale NDC's gauging system to meet their current and future needs.

“Series 9 is a significant new product introduction,” said Andy Grady, product manager for NDC’s food and bulk materials business. “Building on the tremendous legacy of our Series 710e gauge, the Series 9 raises the bar for on-line measurement by providing our customers with a platform to maximize process performance and KPIs.”

NDC Technologies Inc., Dayton, OH 937-233-9935 www.ndc.com/series9   


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