New System Offers Sustainable Whitening Technology

Novel technology eliminates the need for carbon to reduce riboflavin color in powders.

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Whitening System
The Anhydro BlueLight system offers sustainable whitening technologyImage courtesy of SPX FLOW Inc.

SPX FLOW Inc.’s latest technology for nutrition and beverage manufacturers, the Anhydro BlueLight whitening system, helps processors meet customers’ demand for lighter-colored powder products in a more sustainable way.

Why Remove Riboflavin?

In markets like baby formula and sports protein powders, there is a demand for products lighter in color. Riboflavin molecules in these powders give a yellowish hue, but by making the molecules smaller, the final powdered product can be whitened. 

How Does it Work?

Traditionally, manufacturers have whitened powdered products by filtering the products through active carbon. However, the BlueLight whitening system can now do this more sustainably by using blue light technology to break down components that can be washed away during lactose crystal production.

How is it More Sustainable? 

Using blue lights instead of carbon filtering is more sustainable. Benefits include:

* Uses less water: Saves up to 1 million glasses of water (based on approximately 9 oz or 0.28 l in a glass) per day. That’s enough water to fill a storage tank of 250,000 l (more than 66,043 gal).

* Limits cleaning agents: Uses less acid and lye, and in turn, has less need for water treatment and waste.

* Incorporates into an existing process: The component’s smaller footprint means it can be added to previously installed systems.

“We wanted to find a better way for our customers to fulfill their consumer demands,” said Michael Christensen, SPX FLOW global technical sales director for dry evaporation & market manager ingredients. “Innovation drives our work, and this BlueLight technology is a perfect example.

“Our know-how in the market allowed us to develop and provide a solution that ultimately reduces our customers’ environmental and financial footprint while helping them best serve their consumers. SPX FLOW is dedicated to finding more sustainable solutions, and we’re aligning with our customers’ goals by providing environmentally friendly technology that continues to push to improve our practices.”  

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