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MaxMine Carbon calculator tool Image courtesy of MaxMine

MaxMine Carbon is a technological and human partnering solution that reduces carbon output by 5-20% for open-pit mining operations.

Unlike traditional mining technologies, MaxMine’s military grade sensors and cloud-based processing cloud (MaxCube) extract and process 10,000 times more data from mining equipment and operator behavior than incumbent systems. MaxMine's secret is providing highly accurate, trusted data that is automatically converted and contextualized into practical measures that mines can take to significantly reduce their carbon emissions.

Covering mine, machine, and operator performance, urgent actions and decisions are communicated directly to operators, improvement leaders, and mine operators. In just 12 months, MaxMine has also increased site productivity by up to 12% at mines worldwide.

"MaxMine Carbon leverages trusted, high-quality data and operator behavior that helps customers understand and manage their carbon footprint," said Coert du Plessis, chief executive officer at MaxMine. "Our customers will be able to leverage the MaxMine Carbon Driver Tree and our new online MaxMine Carbon Calculator to provide a baseline of their current carbon emissions.”

Backed by more than five million hours of machine asset and operator data, the Carbon Calculator helps mines build their case for change. Sites can quantify their current carbon emissions and then make critical trade-off decisions towards reducing emissions, whilst maintaining and even improving productivity.

As we look to mining’s future, the demand for everyday materials like copper, nickel, and rare earths is set to grow exponentially. If increased mining resource demands are not met, 2050 net-zero won't be achievable, with dire consequences for future generations.

"Mining is essential for daily life and fundamental for achieving net-zero by 2050," du Plessis said. "It's a huge issue to solve because mining is becoming increasingly complex and carbon-intensive."

Winning the early gains in the carbon emissions race requires meeting each stage of challenges. MaxMine Carbon measures a highly detailed carbon footprint across the entire mine, from every piece of equipment to each individual operator's behavior.

MaxMine, (+61) 8 8223 6000 Eastwood, Adelaide, SA www.maxmine.com.au

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