Mini Rotary for Small Bins and Hoppers

March 8, 2016

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Mini Rotary for Small Bins and Hoppers
BinMaster's new mini rotary

BinMaster offers a new mini rotary with a sleek polycarbonate NEMA1 housing. The company’s newest rotary also has an extended temperature range of -40°F to +185°F, making it suitable for many industrial environments.

The mini rotary is used as a low- or high-level alert for dry solids with a bulk density of at least 2 lb/cu ft to more than 30 lb/cu ft. Its small size and rugged design allows for installation of a level detector in tight spaces where other types of devices will not fit.

This point level sensor is for small bins and hoppers that contain plastics, food, seed, chemicals, and other powder or bulk solid materials. Its principle of operation is simple: a slow-speed motor rotates the paddle when no material is present. Then, when material comes into contact with the paddle, the paddle stops and an alert - such as a light or horn - will notify the operator the bin is full. When the bin is emptied, the paddle again begins to rotate, alerting the operator that a refill is necessary.

The mini rotary has few moving parts and is simple to install on the side or top of a bin through a ¾-in. pipe fitting. The mini rotary requires no calibration and has adjustable sensitivity to prevent false alarms. It is appropriate for a variety of light to heavy materials, allowing for motor torque sensitivity to be easily adjusted. Two different paddles are available, making it suitable for a wide range of materials. A four-vane polycarbonate paddle is appropriate for light- to medium-density materials, while a bayonet-style polycarbonate paddle is easily insertable for quick installation and can be used with higher density materials.

BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241

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