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October 5, 2015

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Microwave Solids Flow Measurement
The second generation Solidflow mass flow measurement system

The second generation Solidflow is a new and improved mass flow measurement system developed for solids that are pneumatically conveyed or in free-fall condition. Using the latest microwave technology, a measuring field is created in a metallic pipe. The microwave energy is reflected by the particles and received by the sensor. This energy is evaluated by frequency and amplitude. The selective frequency used allows the sensor to only evaluate moving particles. Because of this, build-up and deposits are ignored. The Solidflow is typically mounted below a rotary valve or screw feeder for free fall, and ideally in a vertical pipe for dilute-phase pneumatic. It is easy to install and calibrate. It can measure powders, granulates, wood chips, pulverized coal, and more. The second generation version has been upgraded with the latest microprocessor with x100 processing power and advanced flow algorithms.
GTS Inc., Shalimar, FL 850-651-3388 www.onthelevel.com

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