Level Switches for Light or Packed Powders

May 7, 2015

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Level Switches for Light or Packed Powders
Dynatrol G Series level switch

The Dynatrol G Series level switches are specifically designed for special problem applications that involve extremely light or fluffy products, or for heavier bulk solids that tend to pack or bridge easily.

Type GS and Type GSS switches have been used successfully on fine titanium dioxide powder, as well as polystyrene beads as light as ½ lb/cu ft. The Type GJ provides consistent results on applications of flour, cocoa, sugar, pharmaceutical powders, powdered lime, and many other materials with a tendency to bridge or pack. All of these level switches are accurate on high, intermediate, or low-point level detection, and are approved for Class I, Group D, Class II, Groups E, F, & G, and Class III services.

Basic Principle of Operation
The uncovered paddle is free to vibrate, producing an output signal.  This signal operates a relay indicating the paddle is uncovered - a low level exists. When the paddle is covered a dampening of the oscillations occurs and the relay indicates that a high level exists.

Installation is simple. The level switch is mounted through a ¾-in. half-coupling at the point of desired level detection.

Automation Products Inc., Houston, TX 800-231-2062 www.dynatrolusa.com

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