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Level Measurement Verification

January 17, 2017

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Level Measurement Verification

Emerson has introduced a guided wave radar (GWR) verification service to help users verify their Rosemount level instrument performance. Standards, regulations, and calibration requirements for GWR instruments used to measure tank level must be adhered to by process plants. Verifying GWR level instrument operation traditionally involves climbing to top of the tank, opening an access port, and taking a reading by hand. In order to get the multiple measurement points often required for accuracy, product has to be transferred in, out, or both—disrupting the process. It is an expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process with serious safety considerations due to the height at which the work is performed, and potential exposure to hydrogen sulfide and other hazardous chemicals. With Emerson’s new service, technicians go to the client’s location and provide verification without any disturbance to normal operations. A five-point accuracy verification is performed using calibration hardware with traceability to recognized standards. In addition to verifying accuracy and making any required adjustments, the GWR level instrument’s condition and configuration are evaluated to ensure optimum performance.
Emerson Process Management, Round Rock, TX 512-835-2190 emerson.com

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