February 1, 2013

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Joint Malvern, IIT Webinar to Explore Latest Technology for Energy-Efficient Milling

Those interested in learning about the latest technology for energy-efficient milling are invited to attend a free webinar on February 27, 2013, presented jointly by Malvern Instruments and International Innovative Technologies (IIT), a UK-based provider of milling solutions.

The webinar, “IT and Malvern Instruments: partners in the innovation of compact, energy efficient milling solutions”, is part of an ongoing collaboration between Malvern, whose particle sizing solutions are widely used in milling applications, and IIT, who design and manufacture compact, high-output, energy-efficient milling and classification equipment. Visit www.malvern.com/malvern-iit to register for this event.
At its site in Gateshead, IIT has a full size demonstration plant, incorporating its classification equipment and a Malvern Insitec laser diffraction particle size analyzer for real-time monitoring. The webinar will showcase the IIT facility and the presenters will discuss the usefulness of real-time particle size data in day-to-day operation. A key focus will be the role of real-time particle sizing in supporting the successful processing of new materials and in refining milling solutions towards ever higher energy efficiency with particular emphasis on the control and optimization of milling within the minerals industry.
IIT manufacture a range of compact, high-output, energy-efficient vertical mills that are both cost-effective to install and easy to operate. Recent developments include a second generation of the “m-series,” designed specifically to address the needs of high-yield applications, and/or those involving hard and abrasive materials. The IIT demonstration plant allows the company to demonstrate to customers how its hardware, in combination with electronic control and in-line process monitoring, delivers exemplary milling performance for the widest range of materials and enables the efficient toll processing of customer samples as and when required.
The Insitec laser diffraction particle sizer is a process analyzer designed specifically to meet the rigors of 24/7 operation in a manufacturing plant. Suitable for particles in the size range 0.1 to 2500 microns, it can be used for both wet and dry milling, to measure in real-time. The resulting data support efficient commissioning, the optimization of plant set-up and equipment design, and highly effective process control. Equally importantly they provide a basis for automated mill control and the many economic benefits it delivers: increased throughput, reduced waste, and lower energy consumption.
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