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September 15, 2006

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Instrumentation & Process Control

Online Moisture Gauge
The MoistureScan System utilizes dual microwave technology to provide fast, stable and accurate moisture measurement 2 in. deep into fiber. The system automatically compensates for changes in product density and temperatures up to 284°F. Measuring accuracy of 1.0 percent of range is achievable in MDF, PB and OSB installations. Typical applications include dryer discharge, storage bins, forming stations, drop chutes and fiber mat. The Control System uses Windows XP visualization software that displays history and trend data, plus a 4-20mA analog data output for PLC interface.
Electronic Wood Systems Int., Beaverton, OR 503-643-6305

Rugged 70W–150W DC/DC Converters
IEXR and IEHR Series of rugged 70W–150W dc/dc converters are ideal for a variety of applications, including process control, instrumentation and industrial installations. They are available with three wide input voltage ranges of 10–16VDC, 21–60VDC or 60–132VDC and deliver nominal output power of either 70W or 150W. Numerous single output voltage models ranging from 8VDC to 52VDC are offered, and two models feature unique 110VDC output. Custom output voltages are also possible.
Schaefer Inc., Ashland, MA 508-881-7330

Micro Humidity Logging Thermometer
The Micro Humidity logging thermometer can record up to 10,922 date- and time-stamped temperature and 10,922 humidity measurements and download the results to a personal computer. Using Windows-based software and an interface cable, users may set up and custom configure the logger, print or display recorded information in graph or table form, save to disk or export to a spreadsheet program. Data can be downloaded without interrupting the recording function.
Telatemp Corp., Fullerton, CA 800-321-5160

Moisture Analyzer
The Model SMART II Continuous On-Line Moisture Analyzing System is designed for a wide range of applications for a variety of food products and more. It operates with one near-infrared sensor for detecting moisture on moving webs, belts, screw conveyors, etc., or one RF sensor for detecting moisture in or out of kilns or dryers. This flexibility is one of the features that make the unit effective for measuring moisture in the production of food products.
Moisture Register Products, La Verne, CA 800-966-4788

Inventory Management System
The SiloTrack Version 3.5 inventory management system will interface with the company’s Flexar smart guided wave radar and SiloPatrol SE smart cable-based sensors. It also offers choices for local and remote inventory monitoring and the ability to switch between English and Spanish with a simple mouse click. It provides a graphical interface for up to 128 silos per system, with a wide variety of capabilities, including automatic report generation and scheduling and email alerts for re-order points.
Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-766-6486

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