Freeman Technology to Present Forced Powder Flow Characterization at PSA 2008

July 23, 2008

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Freeman Technology to Present Forced Powder Flow Characterization at PSA 2008

At the Particulate Systems Analysis (PSA 2008) conference and exhibition, September 2-4, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, UK, Reg Freeman, managing director of Freeman Technology, will present the results of a new study, “Measuring powder characteristics relating to forced flow into confined spaces using a universal powder tester.” The work was performed using the company’s FT4 powder rheometer. This universal powder tester enables the independent assessment of factors affecting powder flowability, providing improved quality and control to powder processing industries.

Cohesive powders tend to behave more like fluids when pressurized or subjected to forced flow. The study focuses on understanding these characteristics and determining how they correlate with known powder flowability parameters that describe dynamic flow behavior, shear properties, and bulk properties, including permeability and compressibility.

Powder extrusion, flow in confined spaces and the normal stresses generated when powders are sheared, are all examined. A number of different powder types are evaluated, including cohesive powders like CRM-116 limestone, free-flowing powders such as spray dried and coarsely milled lactose, and calcium sulphite hemihydrate. The ways in which particle size, shape, texture, and flow agents affect powder behavior is also studied.

The FT4 powder rheometer provides comprehensive powder flowability data that can be correlated with processing experience to aid efficient processing and quality control. It provides automated shear testing, dynamic flowability, and bulk properties measurements making it a universal powder tester for formulators, process engineers, and QA specialists.

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