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Contact 4.0 smart data solution Image courtesy of Fortress Technology

Leaning into the concept of smart factories and AI-driven technology, Contact 4.0 adopts a futuristic approach to food production.

Narrowing in on food safety and digitized QA documentation, Fortress Technology’s smart data capture solution combats the digital disconnect experienced by manufacturers when operating multiple metal detectors, weighing machines, and combination systems simultaneously.

Utilizing web-based architecture, Contact 4.0 captures valuable production data across an entire suite of networked Fortress inspection machines. It can remotely monitor the performance of equipment, track events, and document all potential product risks, turning potentially massive data streams into tightly monitored operational insight.

With Contact 4.0, food processors can--for the first time--tether multiple front-end inspection machines to back-end reporting software in real time, live, streamlined, and centralized.

Rather than react to production scenarios, customers can now export dashboards and reports in the format that is most closely aligned to their common reporting standards, enhancing traceability and giving operational staff the information needed to address time critical events and minimize machine downtime.

“Our cohesive reporting system facilitates the remote management of an unlimited number of metal detectors and checkweighers within a food processor’s global IT network,” said company president Steve Gidman. “Storing data on the appliance itself, or optionally another network location, Contact 4.0 is a simpler, faster, and safer way to document and share performance data.”

Production, QA, and maintenance managers can troubleshoot issues remotely. Logging into the secure browser from any networked device, Contact 4.0 removes the need for costly human intervention, propelling production lines into a smarter, streamlined future.

Contact 4.0 can be installed on all Fortress digital Stealth, Interceptor, and Interceptor DF metal detectors, as well as the Raptor checkweigher, Raptor XL caseweigher, and Raptor combination unit.

Fortress Technology Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada 416-754-2898 www.fortresstechnology.com

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